Why is ear hygiene important?

The accumulation of earwax can lead to serious disorders.
Maintaining ear hygiene will help to avoid such problems as hearing loss, buzzing and loss of balance.

Are cotton buds dangerous?

The regular use of cotton buds in the ear canal may actually push earwax back into the external auditory canal, which can encourage the development of wax plugs and associated disorders.

Problems that may be associated with the use of cotton buds in the ear include: external otitis, chronic earwax plugs, eczema, fungal infections, accidental perforation of the tympanic membrane (eardrum), itching and inflammation of the external auditory canal.

AUDICLEAN has been designed to work with your body's natural cleansing process to gently flush wax from the ear instead of pushing it further into the canal.

How should my ears feel after I use AUDICLEAN?

The first time you use AUDICLEAN, you may experience a temporary coolness and fullness while the cleansing wash is in the ear. This feeling should resolve itself once you tilt your head to allow the excess wash flow out of the ear. With continued use of AUDICLEAN, the ears will be left feeling fresh and clean.

Is it possible for used, cleansing wash to flow back into the bottle?

With each individual spray, AUDICLEAN'S unique hygienically designed outtake-only bottle dispenses circular jets of clean and fresh cleansing wash, so there's no need to worry about used product flowing back into the bottle.

The AUDICLEAN spray doesn't seem to mist directly into my ear.

When you depress the AUDICLEAN nozzle, you may notice the product doesn't produce a heavy direct spray. That's because AUDICLEAN's soft, circular spray is specially designed to gently deliver cleansing wash to the ear while avoiding any direct contact with the sensitive eardrum.